Barrel Aged In a Bottle - Oak Infusion Spiral


  • Age and customize your own Whiskey, Beer, Spirit, Liqueur or cocktail. Great for white whisky, moonshine, rum, tequila, gin, and cocktails without a cask or barrel.
  • Get the top shelf taste of years of barrel aging in two weeks or less! Make cheap whisky taste Good!
  • Add barrel aged and cask elements of Flavor, Color, Aroma and Complexity directly in the Bottle.
  • Spiral Fits in any 750ml bottle. A DIY, Do It Yourself, whiskey ageing kit without a large expensive barrel or cask.
  • Made in USA by a real barrel manufacturer!

Barrel Aged Flavor. One Bottle at a time.

The Oak Infusion Spiral is crafted from White Oak and Charred to Perfection

Oak barrels have long been essential for aging premium Wine, Beer, Spirits, Vinegar - even Hot Sauce!
Now, the ability to achieve similar results directly in the glass bottle in a Fraction of the time!
- Adding elements of Flavor, Color, Aroma and Complexity
- All made possible with Oak Infusion Spirals from The Barrel Mill. A company that has been dedicated
to barrel creation and spirits perfection for nearly 90 years

A new twist on a centuries-old tradition.
Perfect for use in the following:
Home Brewing

From Spirits to Beer to Cocktails. Simply add one Infusion Spiral stick to a standard bottle of Favorite Alcohol of your choice
- When bottling your HomeBrew bomber or growler of IPA, Stout, or Porter. You will notice a color change within days
and can begin sampling after a week to determine preferred effect.
Flavor will be completely extracted at two weeks.

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