Kid's Immune Tonic by Six Persimmons Apothecary. ALL NATURAL and HERBAL remedy. Optimal Immune Support and Defense for Children

Kid's Immune Tonic is an effective herbal remedy designed to strengthen a child's "wei qi" or their protective defense system. It directs the body towards a state of strength and balance so it can function at its best. Licensed Acupuncturist and Master Herbalist, David Scrimgeour, developed this immune support for children based on his 22 years of successful clinical experience. Since an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, this formula is designed to keep a child's defense system strong during the winter months.


There are times when kids are more vulnerable or when they are exposed to a host of unwanted invaders that are often too much for their developing systems to handle. Kid's Immune Tonic is based on the classical Chinese formula, Jade Screen, known to boost the body's "wei qi" or defense system. Multiple clinical studies in China have shown Jade Screen to be extremely effective for children who experience frequent respiratory imbalances. This formula takes Jade Screen one step further by adding other powerful ingredients such as cinnamon to warm the surface of the body, camu camu to provide a potent natural source of vitamin C, and elderberry to further defend against invasive influences.

Type: Health

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