Cold Nip By Six Persimmons Apothecary - An All Natural Cold and Flu Remedy

  • Supports Immune Function
  • Available in Liquid Herbal Extract, or vegetable capsules 
  • Transforms phlegm and drains dampness
  • Boosts the body's "wei qi" - the protective defense system
  • For centuries, people in China and Japan have been brewing these herbs in teas to support them during the winter months. Now these herbs are available in one effective liquid formula that truly "nips it in the bud".

Cold Nip is an effective All NATURAL and Herbal cold remedy with 20 years of clinical success. It combines the synergistic properties of three classical Chinese formulas with three additional Chinese herbs to support your body's well-being during the cold season.
Here's why Cold Nip is so effective: The herbs in Ge Gen Tang support the body during the "wind cold invasion" phase. These herbs boost the body's "wei qi" (protective energy) by mildly warming the body and activating its surface defense layer. The herbs in Yin Qiao San are designed for the heat symptoms associated with the second phase. The herbs in Er Chen Tang help transform phlegm, regulate water and drain dampness in an attempt to flood out the invasive factors. In addition, Cold Nip® also contains three powerful herbs: Andrographis, Isatis leaf and Isatis root that clear heat, block unwanted invasive influences, and help support the body's natural defense system.

Type: Health

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